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We’ve found direction and happiness through meaningful connection. Join us and thousands of others who have made the decision to live a life of serenity and purpose.

Sign up today to get plugged in with a live sober buddy, group chats, workshops and more. All designed to assist you in getting from where you are to where you want to be. Entirely from the comfort of a computer or smartphone

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What we do

We provide a safe, effective way for addicts to get the help they need, instantly online. Speak to a licensed therapist or a sober buddy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our secure servers and video chat are encrypted! We take privacy seriously.


Crowdsource ways to beat your particular "triggers" with our online chat.


Worried about your children using? Speak to a Sober Buddy about signs.


Start living the healthy lifestyle you deserve with the support of others.

Who we are

We are a growing number of addicts, doctors, therapists, sober buddies and geeks that have banded together to help the community.

Since Party Sober ™ was purchased in July 2015, the brand has been rapidly expanding. Party Sober ™ is focusing growth back into the company by building products that help the struggling recovery community.
We provide a safe, secure, anonymous panel that allows you or your loved ones to speak with other members of the recovery community. Talking out our problems is a focal point of recovery, which is why our service is dubbed "DeTalks" (like detox). You can speak with a real person, any time.
Our mission is to provide the best quality treatment available over the internet. Cravings to use are not limited to business hours, and being able to speak to a real therapist over video chat allows instant help when you need it most.